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Seamanship Lab

More often than not, it’s the responsible seaman at work who ensures that the ship cruises along a steady course. A number of essential practices go into building a successful career as an expert seaman.   Apparently, Seamanship is the practice of running a ship but the breadth of this career entails a robust knowledge of professional skills such as navigation and International Maritime Law, Weather, Meteorology and forecasting. As a steady helmsman always on the lookout, he is not only keeping a constant vigil on the ship but is also involved in maintenance, repair, sanitation and upkeep of material, equipment, and areas in the deck department.

An adroit seaman is also involved in tasks like handling of small boats, running of machinery for boards, anchors and cables, handling of ropes and lines, communications, sailing, motors, developments such as towing, freight processing equipment, hazardous freight and cargo transportation, emergency control, safety at sea and search and rescue, and fire protection. In these areas, the degree of expertise required depends on the nature of the work and the type of vessel used by a sailor.