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Marine Engineering Workshop and Laboratories

Marine Engineering Workshop and Laboratories are being developed not only as per the standards and norms recommended by Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) But By Keeping the privision of on hand experience to the Marine Engineering Cadets.
Basic Marine Diesel Engine Parts like piston, Cylinder Head, Exhaust and Inlet Valves, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Valves, and basic Boiler Mountings like boilers gauge Glass, Boiler safety valve are provided along special parts like Turbocharger, Crankcase, relief doors, Governor, oil mist detector etc.
Various valve (Globe valve, Gate valve, Quick Closing Valve, Butter fly valve, etc.), Heat Exchanger (both tube- shell type and plate type), are also provided.
Anchor windlass along with anchor and chair is also included. Ship’s Stern with Propeller, Stertube seal, Propeller shaft, Rudder along with Steering Mechanism power pack is Specially combined working unit.
All these are utilized for the non-hand training of cadets by studying, demonstration along with dismantling and assembling of these parts.
A working 4 stroke diesel engine complete unit with starting arrangement, turning gear arrangement is also in the Marine Workshop for deeper operational understanding of tease units.
A working steam turbine plant with boiler, Condenser Alternators is installed.
Marine Engineering Workshop also has the facilities of welding booths with all safety gears and various types of welding machines.