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A strict code of conduct is followed at GUNI in order to establish a sense of obligation and discipline among the students.

Class Attendance

Students must maintain daily attendance at lectures and practical sessions, and the opportunity to appear for mid / end semester examinations relies on attendance for theory lectures not going below 85% and 100% for workshop practical’s.No absence period is tolerated and any absence is deducted to assess the degree of attendance, even if due to illness.

All students are expected during the day to wear a specified Merchant Navy standard uniform. Strict discipline is maintained along the lines of naval training institutions, and laws, regulations and directives are provided by the institute about wearing uniforms that all students are expected to obey.

Hostel Accommodation

For all students enrolled in the UG courses, residence at the hostel is compulsory. Students are supposed to stay on campus at all times, with the exception of specially exempted hours, such as Sundays, and are expected to engage in all hostel group activities. A leave of absence can be granted if it is justified, but only against the parents’ written request. Unauthorized absence is deemed to be a severe violation of the law.

The Drug and Alcohol Policy

GUNI has an explicit Drug and Alcohol Policy in accordance with existing legislation in the shipping sector. At all times, all students are expected to strictly follow this policy. The management would interpret non-compliance very severely and could result in expulsion.

The Court of Honor

A student-managed Court of Honor deals with non-compliance with the laws of the Institute. Its findings are forwarded to a Disciplinary Committee composed of management and student representatives. The Disciplinary Committee is allowed to grant the penalties required.

Students are required to protect the Institute’s property at all times and to conduct themselves in a way that does not cause any harm. In addition to taking other disciplinary steps, the Institute retains the right to recover from errant students the cost of harm caused on any property of the Institute. Guest visits are limited and students’ parents, guardians and personal friends are only permitted to visit them in the hostel during specified visiting hours.

Ragging is strictly forbidden on campus. Any incident of ragging is acted upon immediately and the culprit is liable to be expelled from the Institute.