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Message from Director General, Ganpat University

The University has been among the few Universities in the State could successfully implement industry-oriented education model to prepare relevant manpower for industries in the state and country as whole. Through having located in a rural area: in a North Gujarat region, approximately 70 Kms from Ahmadabad; University has set up the exemplary example OF “Uplifting the Society through Education “by developing world class education infrastructure with global vision.

Apart from the traditional courses, the university prides itself for several initiatives which has given the students in the state unique learning opportunities as well as brought laurel to the state.Erp System in collaboration with SAP and Oracle, Embedded System and VLSI Technology in collaboration with e-Info chips: Pharmaceuticals Management, Agribusiness Management, Financial Services: Cloud Computing and Big Data in collaboration with IBM etc. Are few them.

Commencing and conducting Four year B.tech program of Marine Engineering was also a challenge due to its unique requirements and approach. Today the Marine Engineering Cadets of Pioneer batch are in their final year of their graduation acquiring hands on practice along with in depth conception of marine engineering .Thus we met the challenge successfully with the visionary guidance of Board ,Continual effort of the Institute ,The dedicated approach of the marine Professionals team and above all the enthusiasm of the today’s cadets and tomorrow ‘s Marine Engineers.

We would continue this journey with enthusiasm by all means, supporting and providing industry friendly training and for this we would welcome the shipping companies of similar vision to come forwarded and bond with us for productive and lasting relationship.

Dr. Mahendra S Sharma